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Guadeloupe National Park

The Guadeloupe National Park has the particularity of having a land space located in Basse Terre,

the mangroves between land and sea,

and a marine space that encompasses the 39 kilometers of Grand-Cul-de-Sac-Marin barrier reef.

With an abundant and varied flora and fauna, the Park was declared a World Biosphere Reserve in 1992 by Unesco.


In Basse Terre, the volcano La Soufrière at 1467 meters of altitude is the highest point of the Antilles.

Its activity is revealed with different eruptive mouths and fumaroles, vapors and heat sources on the slopes,

and the panoramic view from the summit makes the ascent one of the greatest attractions for visitors and locals.

There are different routes and access trails, practicable independently or with the accompaniment of a guide.

The journey lasts about three hours, which can be extended depending on the route chosen.


The Chutes du Carbet are one of the essential visits of Guadalupe.

The first waterfall, 115 meters high, is accessible by a route of about 3 hours that requires good physical training;

the second one is the best known and most visited, with 110 meters and easily accessible with a short and marked path.

The third one is currently closed as the stone slide obstructs the entrance.

Other of the most spectacular waterfalls are:

La Cascade aux Écrevisses 

Le Saut de l'Acomat

Le Bassin Bleu

Le Saut de la Lézarde

La Cascade Paradise

Le Saut des Trois Cornes

Les Bains Chauds

Thanks to the heat emanating from the volcano, Basse Terre has different hot water points where you can take a bath and relax in the middle of nature:

Le Bain Chaud Thomas


It is a small basin on the coast, where the hot water converges with the temperature of the sea.

Le Bain des Amours


It is a natural water pool conditioned in the shape of a heart in reference to its name.

Les Bains Jaunes


These two natural pools built with volcanic stones mark the beginning of the ascent to the Soufrière volcano.

Les Eaux Chaudes de Sofaia


They offer natural water showers at 31 degrees with healing properties for the skin.

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