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From the Caribbean beaches with white sand and crystalline waters, to the most atypical ones with volcanic sand, Guadeloupe has an incomparable variety of coastline.

Lovers of the sea, whether it is to snorkel with turtles, corals and colorful fish, visit hidden coves, have a brunch on a sandbank, enjoy whale watching or simply tan in the sun; this is your destination.

The Beach

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La Caravelle

Grande Terre

It is the most touristic area with white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and little depth

☼ La Datcha, Le Gosier.

☼ Petit Havre, Le Gosier.

☼ La Caravelle, Sainte-Anne.

☼ Plage du bourg de Sainte Anne. 

☼ Bois Jolan, Sainte Anne.

☼ Raisins Clairs, Saint Francois.

☼ Anse à la Gourde, Saint François.

☼ Grande Anse des Salines, Saint Francois.

☼ Plage du Souffleur, Port Louis.

☼ Plage de l'Anse Bertrand.

☼ Trou à Man Louis, Anse Bertrand (cove).

☼ Grotte de l'Anse Castalia, Anse Bertrand. It is a cove-like cave with turquoise waters between cliffs.

-The Pointe des Châteaux, in Saint François, is the eastern end of Grande Terre. An extraordinary landscape with a path to appreciate the breathtaking views over the cliffs and the island of La Désirade.

- Pointe de la Grande Vigie, in Anse Bertrand, is the northern end of the Grande Terre. At 80 meters above sea level, it offers views over the cliffs, and in clear weather you can see La Désirade, Montserrat and Antigua and Barbuda.

☼ La Malendure, Bouillante. It is the black sand beach, from which the Pigeons islets can be seen a few meters away. This area constitutes the Cousteau Reserve, with an exceptional seabed of coral, fish and turtles.

☼ Petite Anse, Deshaies.

☼ Leroux, Deshaies.

☼ Grande Anse, Deshaies. The longest beach in Guadeloupe and one of the most beautiful.

☼ La Perle, Deshaies.

☼ Tillet, Deshaies.

☼ Cluny, Sainte Rose.

☼ Amandiers, Sainte Rose.

☼ Grande Anse, Trois Rivières.

☼ Bananiers, Capesterre-Belle-Eau.

Basse Terre

Wild and wide beaches, surrounded by tropical jungle, with darker sand due to the volcano and beautiful sunsets

Marie Galante

Known as "la galette", it is located in the south-east of Grande Terre and it is the third largest island in the archipelago.

☼ Vieux Fort, St. Louis.

☼ Moustique, St. Louis.

☼ Anse Canot, St. Louis.

☼ Anse de Mays, St. Louis.

☼ Folle Anse, Saint Louis.

☼ Gand Bourg.

☼ Petite Anse, Capesterre.

☼ Feuillère, Capesterre.

☼ Fan fan.

☼ Fifi.

☼ Petite-Riviere.

☼ Souffleur.

La Désirade 

Just 10 kilometers from Grande Terre, it can be seen from Pointe des Châteaux

Les Saintes

A paradise of corals and coconut palms

☼ Pain de Sucre, Terre de Haut.

☼ Pompierre, Terre de Haut.

☼ Anse Figuier, Terre de Haut.

☼ Anse Mire, Terre de Haut.

☼ Anse Rodrigue, Terre de Haut.

The Islets

L'îlet du Gosier

It is located about 600 meters from the Datcha beach.

It is accessible by boat for 5 euros round trip, or by kayak or swimming for the more adventurous.

The Pigeons Islets

In the "Reserve Cousteau" and a few meters from the Malendure beach, they constitute the first underwater National Park in France.

You can access to dive with the turtles among corals and colorful fish by hiring our excursions.

The islets of Petite Terre

They are a Protected Nature Reserve with an impressive seabed.

Here you can find rays, turtles, lemon sharks and much more diving among corals.

It is accessible by boat hiring our excursions. 

Grand Cul de Sac Marin

It is located in the large bay that separates Basse Terre from Grande Terre, to the north.

An idyllic landscape of turquoise colors with different islets, mangroves, sandbanks and coral reefs.

It is a Protected Nature Reserve and can be visited by boat hiring our excursions.

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